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The strength of the elements!

Sinols is a union of feelings in an effort to make art with the grape of this fabulous region. We would like to convey not only pleasant sensations to the senses but also the spirit and strength of the elements of this land, to everyone who tries it.


Our ABC: Antima, Balmeta and Coromina

Antima, Balmeta and Coromina are our most emblematic wines made purely with native varieties: Garnacha and Samsó, which unite terroir, old vines and all of our farmers' experience.


Our tribute to the Empordà!

In the mountain, Albera; in the sea, Cap de Creus and, in the middle, the Aiguamolls plain. Three perspectives, three wines and three moments inspired by the landscape and wildlife of the Empordà. This range of wines was created to pay tribute to nature in the most amazing places in our land.

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