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Leridana de Piensos SA

This integration system includes all processes of production chain of pork, from breeding, feeding, slaughtering and meat production ensures excellent traceability "from farm to the fork", and serves as a foundation for achieving our goal priority: the maximum satisfaction of our client.


All  cuts of pork and offal

  1. head with ears 
  2. hearts 
  3. liver 
  4. tongues Swiss cut
  5. front feet
  6. hind feet short cut/hind feet long cut 
  7. tails
  8. tail bones 
  9. kidneys
  10. sternum bone
  1. lean diaphragm
  2. trimming (85/15 - 70/30 - 50/50)

  1. jowl rind on
  2. jowl without rind with control cut 
  3. shoulder 2d,3d,4d
  4. legs roud cut, straight cut, 4d
  5. loin with bone
  6. loin
  7. tenderloin
  8. collar
  9. bacon
  10. belly with or without skin

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