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Companies in the wine, cava and other alcoholic beverages sectors

Wine making is the third largest subsector within Catalan agri-food industry, with an operating income above 1,100 million euros and net sales exceeding 1,000 million euros. Catalonia is the first producer of quality wines in Spain. It also ranks first in quality wine sales, with 23% of total sales in Spain.

Most of the production falls under a Denomination of Origin. The following wine D.O.s are presently recognized apart from Cava: Alella, Catalunya, Conca de Barberà, Costers del Segre, Empordà, Montsant, Penedès, Pla de Bages, Priorat, Tarragona and Terra Alta.

Regarding wine and cava enterprises, the sector is very polarized in most areas. Industrial establishments are, in general, medium-size and small companies, and there is a large business concentration in the Penedés region.
Most wine production in Catalonia is under a Denomination of Origin. This represents an added value in relation to traceability guarantee and the fulfilment of quality standards. With regard to foreign trade, this sector might be considered as one of the most emblematic. Exports account for 35% of total sales. In value, exports exceed 400 million euros.

The main destinations are the European Union countries, specially Germany and the United Kingdom. Outside the European Union, the United States and Switzerland are the markets where the demand for Catalan wines has recently increased.

Wine imports come mainly from France, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom. In short, the Catalan wine industry is a very dynamic sector, ready to meet the challenge of high international competition.