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Companies in the fish sector

The fishing sector is of great tradition in Catalonia, and it employs around 4,500 people who depend directly on sea and rivers as means of support. The Catalonian fishing fleet operates mostly on coastal waters, and it has adopted all regulations protecting endangered species in the Mediterranean fishing grounds. These rules derive from the need to preserve marine life due to fishing overexploitation.

In the last years, the catch has decreased 25%, while turnover has increased 8%. This fact indicates that fishing products are turning into luxury items, and consequently require maximum quality.

On the other hand, the last few years have witnessed increased activity in marine farming as a necessary supplement to traditional fishing. Catalonia has developed an aquaculture sector implementing new cultivation techniques that fit the great variety of marine species in our coast: molluscs, fishes and crustaceans. Moreover, Catalonia has built continental fish farms for trout, oysters and molluscs.

In regard to foreign trade, the fishing sector represents 4% of total agri-food exports, and the main importers are: France, Italy and Portugal.

Leading associations in the sector: