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Companies in the olive oil sector

Catalonia produces high quality olive oil under several Denominations of Origin: Les Garrigues, Siurana, Baix Ebre-Montsià, Terra Alta and Empordà. These olive oils stand out for their flavour, aroma and low-acidity qualities, guaranteed by first-class olives and by mechanical processing techniques that maintain all the taste and healthy features of this fruit.

The best top-quality olive trees have been selected through research and experimentation. Extra virgin olive oil is a superior-category oil with exceptional qualities from a health and gastronomic point of view, a basic ingredient in a healthy and savoury diet.

Catalonia houses 120 hectares planted with olive trees, 13% of total cultivated land. They provide the raw material for one of the industries with the greatest potential: processing, bottling and trading olive oil, which accounts for almost 6% of Catalonia's agri-food industry turnover.

Arbequina is the main olive variety used for oil production and one of the most appreciated in international markets. Catalan companies also market olive oil made from or blended with other varieties, such as empeltre, morruda, sevillenca, farga, argudell, corivell or verdal. All olive varieties produce excellent virgin oils, each of them with its own flavour and aroma characteristics.

Leading associations in the sector: