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Companies in the meat sector

The meat industry is the main agri-food sector in Catalonia, with an operating income above 4,000 million euros and net sales exceeding 3,600 million euros. The Catalan meat sector comprises 655 businesses, employing 21,000 people. Within Spain, the Catalan meat sector has a leading position as well: it concentrates 36.1% of the sales and 32% of the workers.

In the past few years, this sector has witnessed an increase in investment and has become more oriented towards vertical integration, as a means to ensure traceability from the farm to the final point of sale, in accordance with the market's growing demands.

Exports are an essential factor for the growth of this industry. A positive trade balance, with a sustained export surplus of 400 million euros and an export/import rate of 223%, is a clear evidence of the consolidation of Catalan meat companies in international markets.

Leading associations in the sector: