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Margalef is an agricultural company that goes back over 100 years. With over 350 hectares, the company has the infrastructure to provide services quickly and efficiently, without intermediaries. Sales are direct.

Margalef has 40,000 m2 of industrial facilities, with a refrigeration unit for 8 million kilos. Margalef has always upheld its badge of quality and tradition.

Products: apple, pear, peach, nectarine, cherry, plum, citrus

Export Percentage: > 30%
Certifications: Global Gap, BRC, IFS, PI (Integrated Production)
Countries it exports to: Colombia, Russia, France, UK, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, China

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Jordi Adrià

Carrer Llorenç Agustí Claveria 105. Nau 13
E-25191 LLEIDA (Segrià)
T. +34606535988