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Mel Viadiu, SL

Mel Viadiu, SL

Mel Viadiu is a family business dedicated since 1912 to the production of honey and other apiculture products using traditional methods, as did its founder Josep Viadiu i Farell, a beekeeper himself. From beehives found in natural surroundings we select the best honey and related products. In order to enjoy their exquisiteness and properties, they are packaged raw.

Viadiu products are handmade, and they have all the characteristics of natural products with top quality.

Product: honey
Certifications: All the corresponding health permits.
Export countries: Presently: Sweden and France. Occasionally: UK, USA, Japan and Taiwan

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Mel Viadiu, SL
August Viadiu

Empordà 14. Polígono La borda
08140 CALDES DE MONTBUI (Vallès Oriental)
T. (+34) 938 655 710
F. (+34) 938 651 634