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Cafes Batalla 2000 SL

Cafes Batalla 2000 SL

Our story starts in the fifties, when Mr. Pere Batalla worked for the coffee business at the prestigious "Torrefactos Magna", located in Lleida on Pallars street, where they roasted the malt. Short after, Cafès Batalla was established and he moved to Eduardo Aunós street, now called Alfred Perenya. It is here where this family company has conducted most of its business, led by Mr. Pere Batalla and, later on, his descendants. Cafès Batalla is the oldest coffee roaster in Lleida, as it appears in the National Coffee Roasters Association, where it is registered as 282.

In the mid ninetees, Cafès Batalla settled in an Industrial Park, under the prestigious brand name CAFES TARRAZU. Here it continued its daily work to offer the best coffee.

The philosophy and commitment to offer the best-quality product with the best service has been, is and will be the distinctive contribution of Cafès Batalla to the market. Half a century of coffee know-how has allowed Cafès Batalla, a business with family roots, to adapt its structure to continuous innovations in the market and society. Therefore, our challenge goes from combining a traditional coffee–making business, with a strong principle of quality and service, to presenting innovations both in products and techniques. We maintain all required legal certificates and permits, not only the general ones for the company, but also the individual ones for the products.

Everyday, Cafès Batalla purchases the best product from the different origins quoted in the New York and London stock markets. Once we receive the coffee, we sample it and certify its origin, the overall condition of the merchandise, and that it fulfils all quality controls.

The process is the following: evaluation of green coffee beans; size definition and classification; labelling; natural roasting and evaluation of the coffee, using the Brazilian tasting methods, espresso and filter. Previously, the different mixing possibilities are thoroughly studied and analysed. The process guarantees optimum results, taking advantage of individual coffee features and enhancing them.

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Cafes Batalla 2000 SL
Montse Llorens

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