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Embotits Salgot, S.A.

Embotits Salgot, S.A.

Embotits Salgot is a company dedicated to processing cured meats and sausages, presently managed by Valeri Salgot, the head of the third–generation family business. The philosophy behind all our activities can be defined with the understanding and approach to: Pork Delicatessen.

Our stance is supported by various objectives: food safety, organic pleasures and variety.

Food safety: this goal guides every step of the production process. We carry out a vertical control of production from the farm to the table and, as a result, we have been granted the following certifications: Q (for Quality) certificate for the meat of our porks; ISO–9001 certificate and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for our sausage from Vic.

Organic pleasures: we manufacture our meats and sausages in the privileged surroundings of the Plain of Vic, an area with the ideal microclimate for air–curing meat. We follow traditional formulas while looking for new subtle flavours to surprise the most exacting palate.

A taste for variety: we supply a wide range of products with the same guaranteed quality.

When we take home a cured meat or sausage, we want it to be a gourmet product combining the best quality with the maximum gastronomic pleasure.


  1. Q for Quality certificate for the meat of our porks,ISO 9001 Certificate
  2. Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for our sausage from Vic
Countries where we export: Embotits Salgot sells its products mostly inside Catalonia. We export limited amounts to countries like Great Britain (London), Belgium and France. 

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Embotits Salgot, S.A.
Gerard Moreno

Plaça Major, 14
E-08591 AIGUAFREDA (Vallès Oriental)
T. (+34) 938 442 020
F. (+34) 938 442 020