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Can Bech (GB Artesanos Gatronómicos, SLU)

Can Bech (GB Artesanos Gatronómicos, SLU)

Can Bech is a small, young and artisan company located in Fontanilles, a small town in the Empordà region, one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean. Our company makes top quality jams and preserves from our region' fruit, taking advantage of our great location.

We came from a large tradition in the kitchens, the family Bech started with the famous restaurant Can Bech in 1981 and it became a referent in the Catalan specialty food. It became very famous especially for one of their desserts: mascarpone ice‐cream and figs marinated in syrup.

In 2001, the elder son of the owners created the company of preserves CAN BECH in order to sell these figs in syrup that made his family restaurant famous. He began with the figs in syrup and liqueur of cava and after a time he started to develop a complete range of products like fruit jams, jellies and chutneys.

We are located in l'Empordà, charm and beautiful area where artist like Dalí were from and others like Picasso, Hemmingway or Ava Gardner, made of this area their particular secret place.

Our products are made from the best fruits, recollected when they are mature and they come from farmers of our reliance. We have a reserved plantation of figs for our own production in which we check the quality of the fruit ourselves. We use just natural ingredients for our products, from the best quality and they are elaborated from the recipes of our grandmothers.

We use techniques respectful with our environment.

The result of our effort is an incredible product with a modern and attractive packaging to satisfy the actual gourmet market.

Nowadays, we are proud to have the best considered Spanish fig in syrup product and one of the better jams that our country produces.

We have grown but our essentials are the same. These days we have increased the range of our products with other specialties like chutneys, sauces and cooked vegetables typical from the Mediterranean area. Our main goal is to promote the quality of the products that our country specializes in producing.  By elaborating top quality jams and preserved fruits without changing the recipes handed down to us by our grandparents we became a reference for quality, converting our home kitchen into a workplace capable of supplying its delicacies to a large number of gourmet shops and restaurants that share the same passion as us: the production of quality.

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Can Bech (GB Artesanos Gatronómicos, SLU)
Gerard Bech

C. Major, 12 - Ap. de Correus 184
E-17257 FONTANILLES (Baix Empordà)
T. (+34) 972 761 812
F. (+34) 972 760 016
M. canbech@canbech.com