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Cooperativa del Camp Foment Maialenc SCCL

Cooperativa del Camp Foment Maialenc SCCL

The Maials Co-operative has the benefit of almost 100 years of experience in producing Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, taking the utmost care throughout the entire process, from the harvesting of the fruit to the rapid pressing and storing of the product in modern stainless steel tanks installed in temperature-controlled rooms which allow it to retain its qualities.

This is how oil is obtained which has an acidity of no greater than 0.2º, an aroma and flavour easily appreciable by the nose and palate and hugely beneficial properties for your health. It is one of the fundamental cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet.

The oils resulting from early harvesting are characterised by their green colour, by having more body and by their bitter taste, since they come from unripe fruit. As the oil matures, the oil turns more yellow in colour and the bitterness is replaced with a sweeter flavour.

Baró de Maials arbequina extra virgin olive oil belongs to the Les Garrigues Protected Designation of Origin, so guaranteeing the quality of the product.

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Cooperativa del Camp Foment Maialenc SCCL
Mª del Mar

C/ Sindicat, 3
E-25179 MAIALS (Segrià)
T. (+34) 973 130 005
F. (+34) 973 130 401
M. (+34) 651 842 800