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Montebre SCCL

Montebre SCCL

Founded in 1992, MONTEBRE SCCL is a second level cooperative society made up of three first level cooperatives from the Montsià district with more than 50 years' experience - Agrícola del Camp i Secció de Crédit Santa Bárbara SCCL, Agrícola i Secció de Crédit de La Sénia SCCL, and Agrícola i Secció de Crédit de Freginals SCCL. Their aim is to provide high-quality olive oil with a distinctive taste.

Together with Baix Ebre, the Montsià district is the largest producer of olives and oil in Catalonia. The varieties produced are Sevillenca, Morruda and Farga, all of which have been awarded Protected Denomination of Origin Aceites Baix Ebre-Montsià labels.

Through different mechanical processes, such as grinding, pressing and subsequent filtering under optimal temperature conditions, we obtain the oily nectar of a fruit: the olive. It therefore constitutes a natural product whose physical characteristics remain unaltered.

Its fragrance and taste remind us of ripe olives, with a pleasurable sense of nature and a pleasant colour that ranges from dark yellow to light green.

Its consumption, the basis of the Mediterranean diet, is excellent in a healthy diet, thanks to the benefits it has for both the digestive and circulatory systems.

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Montebre SCCL
Josep Lluís Cardona Gavaldà

Pg. de les escoles, 71
E-43570 SANTA BÀRBARA (El Montsià)
T. +(34) 977 718 069
F. +(34) 977 719 320