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Empordàlia is a wine and oil cooperative set up by a group of small-scale producers who have farmed the land in the Empordà region for many generations. Our commitment is simply to combine history and quality in every bottle. This is why we strive to ensure that all our DO Empordà wines preserve the defining features of this small region.

We imbibe the Tramuntana wind, a rocky geography, scant generous rainfall, and the salubrity of the nearby sea. We are one big family that works a terroir with centenary olive trees as well as old, native vines just how our grandparents and great-grandparents taught us, with respect for the land, upholding the same values, and continuing the way for future generations.

Product: wine and oil

Export percentage: 20%

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Cristina Iglesias

Crtra. de Roses, s/n
E-17494 PAU (Alt Empordà)
T. (+34) 972 530 180