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We offer the best of the land. We seek out the best products – the most authentic and flavoursome ones – and bring them to you so you can relish them. Always organically grown, the products we offer are produced with the utmost care and respect for the product and the environment: they are made with love. We know exactly what we want and we work hard to get it: ORGANIC FOR ALL.

We want ecoBASICS to be the best proposal for anyone looking for quality products with the organic stamp and at affordable prices for your everyday meals. Include organic products in your diet and boost your health and wellbeing, with the best taste experience. Make any old meal into a festival of flavour, nutrients and health.

Product: organic products

Export percentatge: 10%
Certifications: IFS
We export to: France, Portugal, Reunion Islands

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Jaume Santanera, Gerard Pruneda

Pol. Ind. Sant Gregori Nau D3
E-17150 Sant Gregori (Gironès)
T. (+34) 972 011 663