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bonÀrea Agrupa

bonÀrea Agrupa

bonÀrea Agrupa has extensive experience in the agri-food sector. We carry out all of the breeding, industrial and sales processes required to reach our customers without intermediaries.

Since 1959 we have incorporated everything required for vertical integration in our productive, business and commercial structure, allowing us to close the full meat production cycle.

Achieving the full production cycle was a challenge for the entire organisation. Today we undertake all processes from the birth of the poultry and cattle, to manufacturing feed, breeding and fattening the animals, slaughter, processing and preparation of products, right up to distribution and direct sales in bonÀrea shops.

Product: pork meat and manufactured products

Export percentage: 17%
Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ICC serrano ham, ICC ham, cured pork loin, Iberian shoulder, Consortium of Spanish chorizo, IFS: slaughterhouse cutting room for pork, chicken, turkey, quails, cured ham.
We export to: more than 65 countries

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bonÀrea Agrupa

Traspalau, 8
E-25210 GUISSONA (Segarra)
T. (+34) 973 551 100