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Carns B

Carns B

Located in Mercabarna, the biggest food market in Catalonia, CARNS B began selling beef in the 1950s. Since then it has developed and grown progressively.
We have IFS quality certification and can sell Halal lamb and beef carcasses.
As a meat company our processing machinery is equipped with cutting-edge technology and we have large facilities of over 2.500 m2, in addition to a highly qualified team.
Its ability to combine modern processes with craftsmanship is reflected in a high quality products that are tailored to each customer.
As well as the guarantees and confidence gathered through over 60 years of experience and prestige in the sector, our processes are strictly control throughout, from slaughter to delivery to the customer. We comply fully with all EC regulations and ensure complete traceability of all our products.

Product: meat

Certifications: IFS and Halal
We export to: European Union

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Carns B
Javier Muñoz

Calle longitudinal 10 nº 60
E-08040 BARCELONA (Barcelonés)
T. (+34) 933 364 040