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From Barcelona (Spain) we introduce you: LA PRODIGIOSA, the only Premium Sangria made with 100% organic ingredients, and the surprising and funny NIMU, which comes in two products: The successful and refreshing Tinto de Verano NIMU (Semi-sparkling red wine) elaborated with red Tempranillo grape, carbonated water, cane sugar and lemon essence, and Sangria Nimú a refreshing blend of with red Tempranillo grape, carbonated water, cane sugar, Natural extract citrus and scent of cinnamon. 

Products: sangría, sparkling summer red wine

Export percentage:
We export to: France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, The Netherlands

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Santiago Peribañez

Ronda Universitat,19 1º
E-08007 BARCELONA (Barcelonés)
T. (+34) 617 338 086
F. (+34) 933 172 942