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Cerima Cherries

Cerima Cherries

CERIMA Cherries is a company based in Tivissa, Ribera d'Ebre, which produces, packages and exports cherries, in addition to serving its local market. One of our core goals is to provide our customers with the best cherries on the market that retain all of their properties.

CERIMA offers the best varieties of cherry during the harvesting period (April to July).

We have farms all over the Ribera d'Ebre region, and in Segriá, Terra Alta and Baix Ebre. Currently we have over 300 hectares of cherry trees.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest optical calibrator to select by colour and size, as well as software fault detection. Our overall mission is to provide the best cherries. 

One of the main principles of CERIMA Cherries is to encourage agriculture based on good, environmentally-friendly practices. That is why every year CERIMA complies with the main quality certificates in the sector, including: Global GAP, GRASP, BRC, IFS, TNC, F2F and PI.

Countries we export to:
UK, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, UAE (Dubai), China, Indonesia
Percentage of export: >60%

Products: Cherry
Fruit varieties: We supply exportable cherries from early May to early July

Certifications: Global GAP, GRASP Global GAP, IFS, BRC

Contact details

Cerima Cherries
Roderic Cedó Perpinyà

Carretera de La Serra d'Almos
E-43746 TIVISSA (Ribera d'Ebre)
T. +34 660 242 690